In other exciting news…

I also got a tattoo during my computerless time!  And naturally it’s bookish.  I’ve talked before about how much of a Les Miserables kick I was on recently, so yes that’s what my tattoo is from.  It’s a quote from Grantaire-‘je suis farouche’-translating to ‘I am wild or fierce’ as a response to Enjolras telling him to ‘be serious’.  It’s my favorite line from the book and from my favorite exchange between my two favorite characters.  It’s written in Hugo’s handwriting from his original manuscript which can be found online, in two parts, here and here.  I am absolutely in love with it and every time I see it I get ridiculously happy.  I actually made the decision to get this specifically while I was in Paris and slightly panicked about the future and I realized that this quote is exactly what I want to be.  The word ‘farouche‘ doesn’t have a really good English translation, every translator of Les Mis has translated the line differently.  It can mean wild or fierce, or savage, untamable, staunch, etc, and really depends on the context.  But I know, regardless of where I end up after this degree I want to stay true to all those translations.

And reading Les Mis has really changed my life in a really great way and I’m so glad and thankful that I decided to and that I found friends who were willing to talk to me about it ad nauseam with me (who do you think helped me track down all the different translations) and I wanted to memorialize all of this.

'je suis farouche'

‘je suis farouche’

In other, other news, I finally broke down and bought a bookshelf.  All my books had just been sort of stacked on my window sill and I kept accumulating more so it really was time.  It’s currently about 1/3 library books but the rest I’ve attracted (mysteriously) since I moved here in September.  I started with one skinny paper back and now I’ve got 25–I think.  There might be a few others hiding around my room somewhere.

Ooooh ahhhh

Ooooh ahhhh